The Forum

HOTA Christmas Commission

Combined work with Makers Take - 2018

For us, the conclusion was that Christmas time is about togetherness. Australians embrace a hot Christmas holiday; relaxing by the beach, with family and friends, and makings connections with our community. As a nation we follow this trend of coming together at Christmas time to catch up.’ They pushed this idea – togetherness, to its simplest form, which resulted in The Forum, their first commission.

‘Instead of a sculpture we wanted to create an installation that reflects the modern Australian festive season. We explored sculptural-like furniture pieces that would act as a forum point in a prominent community space to promote more dialogue – not just between families and friends, but also strangers.’

The chosen location for the commission is lakeside, behind the new Outdoor Stage, making use of the BBQs and shade from the trees. The Forum offers community engagement and play; ‘our intentions are to encourage people to talk and easily interact the way that children do on a playground.’